How do students pay their deposit?

The advance payment for the first and last months' rent is required upon signing a lease. Students must pay the deposit via e-transfer. Depending on who your contact is for renting, the e-transfer can be sent to info@urentottawa.com. The password should be set to "urentottawa."

Is there storage available at my rental?

Unless otherwise stated on the lease, no additional storage is included. 

What is included in my rent?

If you are renting with a group, in addition to a room in one of our homes, rent also includes all utility bills including gas, water, electricity and Wi-Fi*.  Any additional items such as phones or cable in the home or unit is extra. We strongly recommend that all residents have contents insurance for their belongings.

For all-inclusive units only. 

Do I need to bring cutlery, dishes, pots, and pans?

Tenants  will have to provide their own pots, pans, toasters and any other kitchen items they may want to use. Microwaves, however are already included with each rental.

How do I pay my monthly rent?

Rent is due on the first day of each month. We recommend that students provide 10 post-dated checks in order to avoid issues or fees associated with late rental payments. 

Can I move-in early?

There are no early move-ins unless otherwise agreed as we need this time to get your unit prepared. Cleaners need to clean, handymen need to make any additional repairs and photographs need to be taken. We have a team that works through the units as quickly as possible, but unfortunately with only a few days to get many units ready, it is not possible to get tenants in early.

Access to the units will be granted after 3:00pm on your lease start date. The homes will NOT be accessible before this as we want to ensure the cleaners/ contractors are very thorough and also not slowed down due to this. All units have an electronic keypad and the combination will be pre-set for you and provided at 3pm on the move-in day. 

What is a guarantor?

All residents need to name a guarantor when they sign a lease with Urent Ottawa. This person who is usually a parent or guardian will need to agree to be their guarantor and sign the lease along with the tenant.

A guarantor is someone over the age of 18 who takes joint financial responsibility for the tenancy and is liable to pay the rent of the resident if they are, for any reason, unable to pay an amount owed to Urent Ottawa.

Urent Ottawa has the right to pursue this person for recovery of outstanding charges so it is important the guarantor understands their liability.

Can I get rent receipts for my monthly payments?

Yes. Landlords are required to provide rent receipts for all rent payments.  You may use them when filing your income tax returns. To get your rent receipts, please login to your Buildium account and select the period for which you would like covered in the receipts. 

Can I receive mail while living at my rental?

Yes. Each unit will receive one mailbox or community mailbox key and mailbox along with instructions on how to use their community mailbox. Your mailbox is shared with the other members of your suite.

Can I smoke in my room or unit?

No.  Smoking is only permitted in designated areas located outside of the building and must be at least 9 metres from any entrance.

What should you do if you or someone else at your rental are not getting along with their roommates?

If there are issues amongst roommates, call for a group meeting first. Sit down and try to resolve the issue. Maybe the parties or individuals are unaware of how their actions are effecting others.

If you cannot reach an agreement, and things still aren't working out, you can look for a sublet to take your place. It is the responsibility of the tenant to find a sublet.

What do I do with my keys when my lease is ending?

Please leave your keys on the kitchen counter, and email your landlord once this is done. 

What happens if I lose my keys?

Most of our units now have electronic code locks. In the case that you still have a key, and it gets lost,  we can  replace them for a $25 fee. Please email  your contact to have this done. 

What is required when I am moving out of my rental?

You will receive an email with instructions on move out procedures within 1 month prior to your move out date. Moving out includes cleaning your room and common living spaces so they are in the same condition as when you moved in. Please make sure garbage is taken out (including items in the fridge). Units vacated and left unclean or with tenants belongings will incur a fee. 


How do tenants seek help if there are issues with the rental?

Urent Ottawa is available by email or phone call  (in the case of emergencies). If it is not an emergency, expect to receive a response within 24–48hours. 


What if something breaks in my room or needs maintenance?

Students need to follow proper procedures in order to have something promptly repaired.  Please send a maintenance request through your Buildium account along with pictures and a description of the issue. Please do not call or text unless it is an emergency.  All requests are sent directly to the maintenance staff and they will proceed to take the correct steps to assess and repair the problem.


What is Subletting?

Subletting is when a tenant rents out their leased space to another person, typically for a shorter period of time than the original lease term.

Why would someone want to sublet a property?

There are many reasons why someone may want to sublet their property. For example, they may need to leave town temporarily for work or study abroad, or they may want to save money on rent by sharing the space with a roommate.

When will Urent Management have my room Sub-Leased?

We will not. It is the responsibility of the Tenant to Sub-Lease their space. Of course, Urent Management will assist where we can. 

Why do I have to fill out and sign a Sub-Lease Agreement?

All residents at Urent are required to agree to the building’s basic rules, which is what a Lease or Sub-Lease agreement is. These rules are in place to protect the property, other tenants, the property owner, Urent Management, the Sub-Tenant and YOU the Tenant who is Sub-Leasing.

There will be NO exemptions to this.

Who is ultimately responsible for my space during the term of the Sub-Lease?

You and your Guarantor are ultimately responsible. The Sub-Tenant is YOUR responsibility during the entire period of the Sub-Lease. So, if you Sub-Lease the last 4 months of your Lease Agreement, it would be wise to come back once, prepared to do some cleaning, in order to avoid Management's assessment of extra cleaning or move out fees.

I have just Sub-Leased my room. Are my responsibilities over now?

You are responsible until the end of your lease agreement, whether you have a Sub-Tenant or not. So, whether you are living there or not, you have the ultimate responsibility for your Sub-Tenant and the rental space. If your Sub-Tenant moves out and leaves garbage, damage or doesn't clean the stove, etc., you will be held responsible by us.