At the core of our business, we feel our responsibility is to provide a comfortable, safe and clean homestead for our tenants. We strive to be as responsive as possible with tenant concerns and issues.

Please note that the names and photos of our tenants below have been changed for their privacy and security. 

Fictor F. (153 Sanford) Tenant

I would like to thank you for being amazing landlords for my first rental in Ottawa and for leasing the place to me for the last couple of years.

Samuel (117-A Hopewell) Tenant

Great unit! Great property manager!

Darian (119-A Hopewell) Tenant

Everything else has been going very well. Thanks again for all your help these past few months.

Sara (53-A Chippewa) Tenant

Overall my experience has been very positive and we have not had many issues in the course of living here. I would recommend URent highly to my friends and family.

Robert (150-A Meadowlands) Tenant

I think all my roommates can agree that we will be living here for a few years as we really like the place and the property manager.

Maryam (331-1 Catherine) Tenant

All issues had were resolved quickly and professionally!

Peter (19-A Meadowlands) Tenant

Gody has been an awesome addition. My biggest qualm was the condition that the apartment was left in by the contract cleaners, it did not seem like it was cleaned very well. However, that is minor in the grand scheme of things as...

Dana (109 Dalhousie) Tenant

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Gody and Urent Ottawa for their amazing repair response - always professional and fast, thank you so much!!!